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Foam Core Signage (Foam Board) is the ideal media for people who want to set up an amazing indoor presentation for minimal cost. Foam Core signs are made of a lightweight foam, with a semi-gloss paper surface on both sides. We print on 3/16” or 1/2” thick foam core with high quality UV resistant ink giving you a sharp, crisp, vibrant color that lasts.

Foam Board signage is particularly well-suited for Trade Show Displays, Store Displays (hanging, end caps, or mounted to the wall), Information Boards (used in advertising, education, business, health fairs and even school projects), showing off large-scale photography, Menu Boards, Sales Events, New Product reveals, Wedding signs and photos, Memorial photos, as well as making great gifts.

Stretch your advertising budget by using beautiful, low-cost Foam Core signs.

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Foam Core Printed Signage (Foam Board)

If you are looking for a quick and affordable way to advertise, inform, or give an indoor presentation, Foam Core signage (Foam Board) is what you want.

Foam Core signs are made from from lightweight but rigid materials and are beautifully printed on our Canon Arizona flatbed printer, using the highest quality UV ink for bright colors and a long lasting print. 

Foam Core is the media of choice for indoor advertising because of its low cost, versatility, and ease of use. 

Foam Core Signs are perfect for stunning wall graphics, effective sales events, informative church posters, theater displays and backdrops, restaurant menus, trade shows, science fairs, health displays, and non-profit events.

We can print very large images up to 4 feet by 8 feet! And the Foam Core sheets can be stacked to make a very large, light-weight, striking backdrop for photography, sporting events, museums, theater productions and much more.

Foam Core Signs are also perfect for temporary or permanent wall graphics, sales presentations, church classes, theater displays, restaurant menus, trade shows, farmer's markets, non-profit events - just about anywhere where you need professional-looking, high-quality, eye-catching graphic presentations.

Foam Board Signs are a very attractive form of presentation, or advertising for new business owners, businesses doing temporary sales in other locations, conferences, teachers and students presentations, but don’t let yourself think that these are the only applications. 

Foam Core signs are made of a lightweight foam, with a semi-gloss paper surface on both sides. We print on 3/16” or 1/2” thick foam core with high quality UV ink giving you a sharp, crisp, vibrant color.

Other Alternatives

Ultra Board Signage: Another great choice for more permanent signage is Ultra Board Signage. Ultra Board, also referred to as GatorPlast, has a dense inner core made of foam and a rigid exterior of super strong styrene. ULTRA BOARD is a heavy-duty, all-plastic panel that features a litho-grade, high-impact polystyrene surface perfect for screen printing and digital printing. It is ideal for permanent displays and signs, such as large product photos (up to 4 by 8 feet in one board, but even large when you put them together). ULTRA BOARD is designed primarily for interior use and is favored for its durability. The dent-resistant styrene liners are secured to the foam center with a remarkable bond that keeps the panel flat and rigid. The ULTRA BOARD surface does not allow moisture to penetrate, so inks and paints stand out vividly for screen-printed or painted images.

ULTRA BOARD and Gatorplast® comes in a variety of widths up to 2 inches and are perfect for signage, dimensional lettering, packaging, and preservation.

2000 Items

To start an order you’ll need to first purchase the sign. We do not do any design work without a paid order.

Step 1: Decide on your sign size and whether you need single or double sided. Use the dropdown to select a size and sides option.

Step 2: Enter the number of signs you want to purchase, using the box at the right that looks like this.  quantity button you can use the arrows or type directly into the space that originally said 1.

Step 3: Click on Add to Cart.

Step 4: Decide who will design the sign. If you want to design your sign we provide instructions under the tab marked Templates. Be sure to select the "I have my own designs" when ordering. When you are ready to send your design to us you can email it to or upload it by going to the Upload button, in your account. (To get to your account, log in, and then click on the three horizontal bars in the header of the web page, and click on the My Account dropdown). 

We can help with designing your signs. If you have images you want to include, such as a drawing of what you want, a logo, graphic and/or photo you can upload them into the file uploader which is just above this tab. You have to log in (or create an account) so that the software can keep your information attached to your order. If you don't have them available, it is no problem. You can send them to us via email or you can log in later, go to your Account Information (to get there go to the three bars in the top right-hand part of the web page) and go to the Upload Files icon and add them in there. 

In the Comments section, when you check out, enter as much information as you can about how you want the sign designed. Be as specific as possible. If you want more information about design, you can click on the FAQ tab of slider at the top of the page (just over the main picture) and see our videos on design, design considerations, production and other videos.

You can also send questions, comments, images, and design instruction to our designers at

We provide FREE design services for simple designs. 

During checkout, enter your design instructions into the COMMENTS box that appears right before the payment section. Include your color/theme choices, your text message, etc. Include as much detail as you can about what you want. Logos and graphics need to be uploaded via the upload function in the middle of this page or by emailing them to Images and logos should be vector graphics (usually file types ending in PDF,AI, or EPS) if they are going to be enlarged. The first draft and first revision of the design will be free. There will be a $15 charge for revisions after the initial one. Please be as specific as possible when requesting your sign design. Turn-around time on custom designs is one to two days.  When we design a sign for you we will send you images for your final approval.  We will not print a sign without your written approval of the design via email.

If you are designing your sign yourself please download our sign design instructions by clicking on the templates tab on this page. If you have the Adobe Photoshop™ or Illustrator™ application or any other design program you can set your page size to the size you want your banner to be. If the file becomes too large or cumbersome to work with you can reduce it to 25% of full size and our printer software will still print it cleanly at 100%. Before sending the file to
 save it without layers in TIFF or PDF format.   Since we  use a color matching printer, you can design in RGB rather than CMYK, for optimal color choices. 

Screen Proofs depict Design Layout, Text Accuracy & Image Placement, but will only ESTIMATE Color Matching or Color Density. We DO NOT guarantee that the Custom Printed sign or sign will match the color displayed on your Computer Monitor or Printer exactly.  Every substrate (print media) has a different density than paper so printed material will look differently. We can match colors very well, however.

After the order is received and you have sent us your design instructions and uploaded your graphics to the website, all communication will be done via email. This allows us to keep records of our conversations. Once we receive your email indicating a design as APPROVED, Vista Flags is released from ALL liabilities for any errors including, but not limited to: Grammar, Spelling, Color Matching, Size, Image Placement, Resolution, and Color Density. Custom products are NOT returnable. However, we will make every attempt to satisfy our customers.