Protective Sleeve Clamp for Hybrid Feather Banner Pole (1/8 x 2)

Protective Sleeve Clamp for Hybrid Feather Banner Pole (1/8 x 2)


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For use with our V14H, 14 Foot 3-piece Hybrid Aluminum/Fiberglass Pole for Flutter and Windless Flags, and our B15P, 15 Foot 4-piece Fiberglass/Epoxy Banner Pole Instructions: At the top flexible section of the pole, just behind the black plastic tip, push the clip around the flag sleeve and pole, as shown. This will help secure the flag to the pole and minimize friction. When the Sleeve Clamp is installed correctly, it will eliminate any friction between the pole tip and the flag sleeve, and it will also keep your flags on the pole in those rare wind conditions where the flags are pulled off by updrafts.

Warranty: There is no expressed warranty for Feather Banner Products except for manufacturer defects. Feather Banner Products are for Outdoor use and are subject to the hazards of the environment, including vandalism and theft. Flags have a limited life span of 3-4 months, depending on weather conditions. We will NOT warranty for bent poles AFTER installation. Life span of all products may be extended by bringing products in at night and/or during high winds or stormy conditions. Manufacturing defects are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

8318 Items

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