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Sale Custom Car & Truck Magnets

Custom Car & Truck Magnets

Car Magnets are a very affordable way to advertise your business around town. Made from 30mil thick magnet sheet fused to a weather-resistant laminate surface, and printed with UV resistant ink in vibrant fade resistant colors. Our car magnets are made to last. We offer the most common car magnet sizes with rounded corners, we also offer custom cut magnets.

  • Thick 30 Mil Magnetic Sheet
  • Durable weather-resistant fused laminate
  • Rounded corners or Custom Cut available
  • Easy to apply, remove, and re-apply
  • Long lasting 
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          Car Magnets are a very affordable way to advertise your business around town. Made from 30mil thick magnet sheet fused to a weather-resistant laminate surface, and printed with UV resistant ink in vibrant fade resistant colors. Our car magnets are made to last. We offer the most common car magnet sizes with rounded corners, we also offer custom cut magnets.

        1. Thick 30 Mil Magnetic Sheet
        2. Durable weather-resistant fused laminate
        3. Rounded corners or Custom Cut available
        4. Easy to apply, remove, and re-apply
        5. Long lasting 
        6. Size: We offer the most common sizes for car magnets. If you need a size other than what is listed give us a call or email us at

          Getting Started

          The first step in ordering a custom magnet is to actually place the order. We can't start the production process without a paid order. 

          Step 1: Determine which size you need for your custom magnet. Use the dropdown menu to select your size.

          Step 2: Select the number of magnets that you need.  NOTE: if you want multiple magnets with different images or designs you can select the total number of magnets you want, you don't have to have a separate product for each magnet. Just be sure to include design instructions in the comments box for each magnet you purchase.

          Step 3: Decide who will design the magnet. If we are going to help you design your magnet put in as much information in the comments section as you can. If you have a logo or picture you want us to use, upload it using the file upload option on the right. If you have multiple files you need to upload you can place them in a zip file before uploading. We need high resolution images, so send the best image you have. If you have a choice send a vector file (the file will generally end in pdf, ai, or psd).

          Step 4: Click on the ADD TO CART button. 

          If you don't have the images or instructions at this time, you can go through checkout and then email us at You can also send questions, comments, images, and design instruction to our designers at

          Once your order is placed. Our designer will send you a proof of what the custom magnet will look like. You must reply to the email with your approval before the item will go into production.

          No template is needed for this product. Just keep the proportions correct for the size of magnet you are ordering. If you are ordering a custom cut it might be helpful to outline the cut for us, but this is not required.

          Do you make custom shaped magnets?

          Yes we can! Just select the custom cut option when selecting your product options. Make sure your design is on a white background, high resolution and within your chosen size.

          Do car magnets stick to all vehicles?

          It will not stick to fiberglass or plastic doors, or doors that have extensive body damage. Other than that, asa long as you place the magnet onto a flat surface it should stick.

          Will it damage my paint?

          No. Car magnets will actually protect the paint beneath it. We recommend removing your magnet from time to time so that you are exposing the paint under it to the sun.

          How do I clean, and take care of my car magnet?

          Before putting your car magnet on, please read through our installation instructions carefully on our installation tab. We advise taking your car magnet off when not in use and storing it on a flat surface. Magnet paper is very pliable and can bend easily. The best way to flatten it back into shape is to place it on a flat metal surface for 24 hours ( We use our refrigerator)

          Are your Car magnets weather resistant?

          Our Car Magnets are highly weather resistant and will last you years without fading or degrading in any way. In heavy rain we advise removing the magnet to prevent rain from pushing them off the vehicle. As for temperature, our magnets are able to withstand temperatures as low as -15°F and as high as 160°F!

          This Aluminum Custom Print has an average turnaround production time of 3 days AFTER the approved design is submitted to the printer, plus transit shipping time. 

          Screen Proofs depict Design Layout, Text Accuracy & Image Placement, but will only ESTIMATE Color Matching or Color Density. We DO NOT guarantee that the Custom Printed Sign will match the color displayed on your Computer Monitor or Printer exactly.  Every substrate (print media) has a different density than paper so printed material will look differently. We can match colors fairly well, however.

          Vista Flags has no upload capability on our web site (after checkout), so we communicate via email. Since we need everything in writing, all correspondence concerning custom products is done via email. Once we receive your email indicating a design as APPROVED, Vista Flags is released from ALL liabilities for any errors including, but not limited to: Grammar, Spelling, Color Matching, Size, Image Placement, Resolution, and Color Density. Custom products are NOT returnable. However, we will make every attempt to satisfy our customers.

          While we try to match the colors as accurately as possible, a variety of things will alter the colors, some of which are beyond our control (currently) including humidity.  Inks respond differently to temperature and can change from batch to batch. Acrylic Custom Prints are not returnable.

          Before Attaching Your Car Magnet:

          1. Place your magnets on a refrigerator door(or any flat metal surface) for at least 24 hours to flatten out your magnet.
          2. Make sure the surface you are placing your magnet on is clean and dry.
          3. For maximum stick make sure that the magnet rests only on a metal surface, and isnt on top of any plastic or trim.
          4. Make sure your intended surface is completely flat. If you place the magnet on any curved or contoured surface, it might fly off.

          Using Your Car Magnet:

          1. Keep in mind that high winds and harsh rain can rip your magnet off. We advise that you remove your magnet when experiencing extreme weather.
          2. DO NOT place your magnet on any surface that exceeds 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
          3. Long term sun exposure will result in uneven fading of your cars paint. This happens because our car magnet is protecting the paint under it from sun damage. We advise taking your magnet off when not in use to prevent this.

          Storing Your Car Magnet:

          1. When not in use, store in a clean and dry place. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR MAGNET INSIDE YOUR CAR OR ON YOUR SEATS!
          2. Store the Magnetic sign on a flat surface so that it does not bend or form to a different shape.
          3. Do not place anything on top of your sign when stored, it may create indentations or unwanted marks.
          4. Do not stack two signs with the magnetic material facing each other.


          Carefully peel the magnetic sign off of your surface. Do not bend or crease it. Use a wet paper towel, or window cleaner to remove any stains or dirt. Make sure it is completely dry before you re-apply it to your vehicle.

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