Welcome to the new website!

Welcome to the new website!

Rich Sanders Mar 3, 2018 Blog Posts 1 Comments

We hope you like our new look. Our new website reflects our new direction!  We are no longer just feather and other flags, but have branched out into the realm of photo printing, signs, and displays. We are looking forward to doing a whole lot of fun things with our new printer and cutter, especially some textured prints and some figure cut outs.

With our new Canon Arizona flatbed printer we can print up to 8 feet by 10 feet at one time! We can to large photo printing as well as large signs and graphics. 


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      Tricia Eyre
      Jul 01, 2018

      Hi there! I love your products and want to work with your free design service. Would like 2 windless feather banner signs. ASAP! My brand logo colors are red.white & blue. Would like to design: 'Lost Goat Ranch' Home For Sale Will call or chat Monday morning July 2nd, My direct line is: 509-341-4410 Also want to buy complete Flag, pole & ground mount. Thank you Tricia Eyre

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