We are excited about our new products

We are excited about our new products

Rich Sanders Apr 24, 2018 Blog Posts 0 Comments

We are excited about using our new Canon Arizona flatbed UV printer and our new Zund cutter to offer a variety of new products. Now the whole area of wall art and store signage is available for us to offer our customers. 

One of our new products which we are proud and excited to feature is our line of customized trash bins available in square 30 gallon, hexagonal 33 gallon, and rectangular 60 gallon sizes. Our custom trash bins are designed to hold and liner and should only be used with light-weight trash. Our very first customer uses her bin for collecting shoes that will be given to the poor. 

These custom printed waste bins are excellent for any event where photos of people (especially) add to the celebration.  Our custom wastepaper bins are great for Weddings and Wedding Receptions, Commencements and Graduations, Quinceañeras, Bar Mitzvahs, Confirmations, Family Reunions, Retirement parties, Wedding Anniversaries, Engagement parties, Bridal showers, Funerals and Memorial services, Awards Ceremonies, Births and Birthdays, Banquets and Roasts, Sporting Events, Political events and rallies, School functions, Church events, Welcome Home parties,  and many other events where people are being honored. 

Our custom printed trash and recycle bins are also an excellent advertising medium for maximum exposure at events. When used at a civic event, for example, our custom trash bins show how your company fits in and supports your community while advertising your business, product or service in a beautiful, subtle, and useful way. These custom waste bins are excellent advertisement venues at sporting events, farmers' markets, swap meets, car shows, street events, political and social events, parties, parades, music in the park, school and church carnivals, fairs, bridal shows, competitions, films, campgrounds, photo shoots, and fund-raisers. 

Custom printed waste receptacles are excellent for use at churches where light-weight, attractive, and reusable trash bins add a colorful, celebrative, even festive atmosphere, while announcing church programs in very visual ways. They can be used as signs when positioned at entrances, reminders of upcoming events, special conference or speaking events, trips, camps, and the like. 

We are excited about our new products made possible by our flatbed printer and  digital cutter/router.  One of our latest product offerings is our custom printed trash and recycling bin that can be used for advertising, brand recognition development, or just to make any occasion more festive.  Custom printed trash collection bins are great for celebrations like wedding receptions & family reunions, civic events like parades and carnivals, ceremonies like retirement parties and awards ceremonies, and other events.  They can line the route of a marathon and serve a dual purpose of directional signs and trash collection points.

There is no end to the uses these custom bins can be used for. 

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