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Custom Foam Board Prints


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Foam Board prints are the most affordable rigid option for sprucing up a wall or living space. Your photo or other image will be printed beautifully in full-color on this special media, specifically designed for our UV printer to give you vibrant, long lasting colors.

Foam Core prints are lightweight but rigid. They have a foam center with a specialty paper backing on both sides. Since we offer foam core prints in a variety of size configurations you can get just the size you are wanting. We offer Foam Core prints in either a 3/16" or 1/2" thickness. 

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Foam Board Prints

What is FOAM BOARD and what is it used for?

Foam Board is a specially design material (media or substrate as it is known in the business) that consists of an inner layer of polystyrene foam covered with two layers (top and bottom) of specially-coated, ultra-smooth, bright-white paper designed to respond to our specially printed premium UV ink to make your photo look great. 

You might remember the Foam Board of the past which was called poster board.  Our Foam Core boards are NOT those, but do share a variety of features in common including a great price for a great product. So Foam Board is an excellent option when you need an inexpensive, but great looking print. The affordability makes it perfect for wall collages or larger prints. In fact, we can print up to 4 feet by 8 feet. 

Another great feature of Foam Core is its ease of cutting. So if you have a special project that needs cutting to make it extra special, we can do that too. We have the best in industry Zund cutting system for which nothing is too hard to do. 

We print your photo or design with UV resistant ink onto high quality 3/16" or 1/2" foam board. You can choose white or black foam board depending on which color you prefer for the edges of your print. Black Foam Board has a white surface that we print on and a black foam center.  We can also print White on Black, but that is a specialty print. 

See our Options Tab for an explanation of all the options we offer, including a really excellent canvas texture print.  There are lots of pictures in the Options Tab to help you make your best decision. 


  • Your image printed on 3/16" or 1/2" thick foam core with sharp, crisp, vibrant, color.
  • Choose from white or black foam board. 
  • Free simple design help
  • Custom cut options are available, so get creative!
  • Add an elegant touch to your photo or design by adding a faux frame.

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Step 1: Decide on your print size. Use the dropdown to select the size of your print. Select your other print options.

Step 2: Enter the number of prints that you want to purchase, using the box at the right that looks like this.  quantity button you can use the arrows or type directly into the space that originally said 1.

Step 3: Click on Add to Cart.

Step 4: If you have signed into your account you can use the Upload Files(s) to upload your picture(s) for us to print for you. If you aren't signed in you will be given an opportunity to upload files during checkout. If you are not ready to upload your picture(s) you can send email your photo/images to us or upload it by going to the Upload button in your account. (To get to your account, log in, and then click on the three horizontal bars in the header of the web page, and click on the My Account dropdown). Make sure that your picture/image(s) is the highest resolution possible. (If we feel that the picture might pixelate or not print well, we will contact you).

If you want us to cut your image (either with straight cuts or specialty cuts) put that in the comments section when you check out, or you can email your instructions to us at

You can also send questions, comments, images, and design instruction to our designers at

You don't need a template for this product.  Simply send us your photo or design by using the upload image feature on this page (You must be logged in).  If for some reason your image is too small or isn't going to print well, we will contact you. Feel free to add your own frame to your image if you like, just keep in mind that the size of print you ordered will include the frame.

Cutting (No Cuts, Straight Cuts, Specialty Cuts) 

No Cutting: With this option selected (default), you images will come in the size you purchase.  This would be for standard foam core images that are square or rectangle.

Specialty Cuts: Use this option when you want some other shape or shapes, such as circles, ovals and hearts.

Here are some example of Straight and Specialty Cuts. 

Straight and Speciality Cuts for Stik-A-Pic wall decor


We can add a nice, simple white or black border to your image by not printing to the edge of the material.

Foam Core Borders

Faux Frames 

Faux ("fake" but the French makes it sound so much better) Frames: right now for Foam Core we are offering a few choices of Faux (pronounced like "foe"), Bronze, Silver & Old Wood. These are frames that we print onto the foam core around your image.

Faux Frames