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Measure Up Custom Print Growth Chart Standee


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Track your child's growth with this portable growth chart personalized to your own family. We print your photo onto one of our high quality materials (removable wallpaper, coated cardboard, coroplast - plastic cardboard or foam board) and you can do a full-sized print or a 47 inch version. Chart your child's growth by writing with a marker on the ruler and put the date by it.  Our Measure Up Custom Printed Growth Chart will provide years of family fun and if you move to a new location you can take them with you. Watch your child's development as they grow to full-height!

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We all love looking back at how tall we were at various ages in our lives and the typical way to do that is to find a door frame and mark the name, height and date of the measurement.  We also know that life throws us curves, and moving out of our beloved house with our personal information written on door frame means that we have lost forever that part of our lives. 

But it doesn't have to be that way.  Now you can personalize your growth chart with a picture of your child, you with your child or even your family with your children, and big ruler that you can mark on as the years pass.  If life takes you to a new house, take your custom growth chart with you. Now all your fun personal information can go with you.

How our Measure Up Custom Printed Growth Chart (Standee) Works

Size - You decide on the size
- Our 47 inch tall custom Growth Chart starts around 2 1/2 feet and ends at around 6 1/2 feet. 
- Our Full-Sized Custom Growth Chart goes from 0 to 6 foot 5 inches. If you need it taller, we can do that as well. 
Photo - Please send us a very high resolution photo, since these are large prints. 
- Most current cell phones will take a high enough resolution photo. 
- For Full-Size Measure Ups make sure the feet as well as the head are well inside the viewing area.  Step back a little so you get everything.
- If you can take the picture in front of a solid color backdrop that would help us remove the subject from the background. If not, no worries.
Image Placement - When you send the photo, let us know how tall the main subject is, so we can properly set the height on the chart. 
- When we position the subjects on the chart we will make it as accurate as possible, but it won't be absolutely perfect. 
Mounting - Our Measure Ups are very light-weight (about a pound) and are easy to mount, with included velcro pieces. See Installation.  
Options - You have several options for what we mount on.
- Suggested Option: Coroplast, which is plastic cardboard.  Coroplast is strong, lightweight, and waterproof. Your photo will look great printed on this material.  The down side is that the surface is not entirely smooth, so you see the corrugated lines in it. 
- Coated Cardboard: It has all the same features as Coroplast, except it is not waterproof. 
- Foam Core Board: Foam Core has a very smooth surface specifically designed for printing, so you image will look the best on it. It is not waterproof. 
- Wallpaper: Our wallpaper is removable and repositionable (and reusable). It can be rolled for transport.  We suggest keeping the backing on and installing it that way, using something like stickpins, rather than pulling the backing off. 

Here is an up-close picture of our Measure Up Custom Printed Growth Chart printed on Coroplast. Note how clear the printing is (very high quality) but also the corrugation marks.

Image Printed on Coroplast showing the quality of the print and the line.

Our Measure Up Custom Printed Growth Charts make great gifts for that special child or grandchild in your life. 

Don't let life steal your memories, get a Custom Printed Growth Chart and take your memories with you. 

How do you Measure Up?

200 Items

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To start an order you’ll need to first purchase the custom product. If you need design work, we require an order to be placed. We do not do any design work without a paid order.

Step 1: Enter the number of Measure Up Custom Printed Growth Charts you want to purchase, using the box above that looks like this.  quantity button you can use the arrows or type directly into the space that originally says 1.  

Step 2: Click on Add to Cart.

Step 3: When you are ready send your high quality photo to our designers. You can either email it to us at, upload it by going to the Upload button, in your account. (To get to your account, log in, and then click on the three horizontal bars in the header of the web page, and click on the My Account dropdown), or text it to us at 562-941-5050. We will need the height of at least one person in the photo, to match to the ruler. Please contact us with that information via email, text or chat.  If you text or chat please have your order number so we can put it in our notes.  

Step 4: We will get back to you with a proof, showing you what your Measure Up will look like, usually within 24 hours (Monday-Friday) and will produce your Measure Up within two days of your approval. 

You can send questions, comments, images, and design instructions to our designers at

Full-Size Measure Ups will have a fold in it for shipping purposes (47" from the top) and there may be some minor loss of color at the crease. 

If you want a full-size Custom Growth Chart, but you want the first few inches removed because of a base-board or other mounting location issues, we can do that for you at no extra charge. Just let us know how much to remove.

Our 47" Measure Ups cover most children's growth ranges.  We use 47" because it ships without being oversized.

If your Measure Up is not punched out of its backing (we ship that way to help protect the edges), carefully remove the Measure Up from the surrounding material.

Full-Sized Measure Ups (except Wallpaper)

  1. Velcro: You can use the included velcro pieces. The two pieces of velcro will come stuck together, each with the sticky side out, covered with a protective plastic piece. Remove the plastic cover and stick it on the Measure Up (generally one on each shoulder of the image and one at the knee level). Find the spot in the house that you want to mount the Measure Up to. Line the Measure Up with the floor (should be flush with the floor). Pull the protective cover off the back side of the velcro and press firmly against the wall.  Note: The velcro we send is permanent and will damage the wall on removal. You can get removable velcro at hardware store, if a permanent solution doesn't meet your needs.  
  2. You can also use small nails to mount.  We don't provide holes, but you can use a drill to make a small holes for nails.  Then line the Measure Up with the floor, and hammer in a couple of small nails in the holes you made. 
  3. Push Pins are another option.  Since the Full-Sized Measure Up sits on the floor, you just need to hold it in place.

47 Inch Measure Ups

  1. The 47 in Measure Ups are just a bit more challenging that the full-sized, since they sit on the floor. You will need a tape measure for this project and probably a couple of extra hands wouldn't hurt. 
  2. Our 47" Measure Ups start at 2 foot 4 inches off the ground.  So you will need to measure up from the floor 28 inches and make a mark on the wall for the left and right sides of the board. Put the velcro on the back of the Measure Up Growth Chart (see above). Remove the protective plastic from the back side of the velcro that you mounted to the Measure Up and holding the Measure Up at an angle with the top facing you, align the Measure Up with the lines you made earlier. Then press the Measure up against the wall (or door, if you are hanging it on a door). Note: The velcro we send is permanent and will damage the wall on removal. You can get removable velcro at hardware store, if a permanent solution doesn't meet your needs.
  3. Other Mounting Options: You can use small nails or stick pins to attach the Measure Up to the wall. 


  1. Wallpaper is trickier and mounting it requires skill.  It also requires a clean, dry and relatively smooth wall. Four hands are better than two, so you might want to get some help.
  2. For Full-Sized Measure Ups, start by aligning at the bottom - at floor level. Remove a couple of inches of the backing and attach the exposed wallpaper to the wall. Carefully peel back the backing and smooth the wall paper using a credit card, or similar soft, pliable straight-edged object. Smooth by working up the wall and away from the center. The helper should hold the top for you. Peel back the backing little by little as you move up the print.  The wall paper is removable and repositionable, so don't worry too much if something goes wrong. Note: if the bottom of the wall paper is going over a baseboard it will affect the height of the ruler. Start by marking a spot on the wall corresponding to a measurement on the ruler (blue tape or masking tape works well). Line up the mark and the ruler, and, holding the fabric against the wall, press it against the wall and then the baseboard.  Mark the spot on the baseboard where you need to start to compensate for the baseboard and start there when installing the wallpaper. 
  3. NOTES:  a) You don't actually need to install the wallpaper. You can keep its backing on and attach it with stick pins or something similar. b) If you do install it save the backing.  If you need to remove it you can put it back on its backing (or use wax paper).  c) Wallpaper is fabric and can stretch, so you will want to check the actual height of the image against the marks on the ruler. 
  4. For 47" Measure Ups,  you will do the same process as for Full-Sized Measure Ups, except you will start your mark at 28" off the floor. 

Most newer cell phones will take excellent quality photos for your Measure Up. Here are some guidelines for getting the best photos from your cell phone.

  1. Stand farther back than you normally would.  If your subject is a child you should take the photo at their level, not yours.
  2. Make sure the subject is completely in the view finder.  After you line them up step back a little bit. This will help with the aspect ratio and ensure that the whole subject is in the picture.
  3. Hold your phone/camera vertically (portrait position; which is the normal way to hold the phone). 
  4. If you can take the photo against a light background or contrasting background, that makes cutting out the image easier. 
  5. Don't stand too near a wall, try to stand at least 3 feet out, that way you don't get that shadowing effect. 
  6. Take the picture in as bright as light as possible.  Low light will effect the pixel quality. Outdoors works best.

We can work around just about everything except low quality. You can check the quality yourself by enlarging the picture.  If the picture stays clear and sharp when you enlarge it, it will most likely work for us.

The best way to get the picture to us is to upload it to our website using the uploader.  You have to create an account in order to use the uploader so the computer knows whose account to associate the photo with. You can upload your picture during checkout, if you have made an account, or you can log back into your account (My Account is found by clicking on the three horizontal bars on the right of the menu bar).  You have an uploader tab in your account section.

We will check your image and let you know if we think it will work or not.  In some cases, especially if you are using an old photo that has been scanned, there may be no way to get a really sharp picture and you will just want to go with it anyway.