CHURROS Economy A-Frame Sign
  • CHURROS Economy A-Frame Sign 24" Wide by 36" Tall (Made in The USA) 841098107123
  • CHURROS Economy A-Frame Sign

CHURROS Economy A-Frame Sign

This sign is 36 inches tall by 24 inches wide, double-sided.

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This product listing is for our CHURROS Economy A-Frame Sign . This double-sided sign is made of corrugated plastic so it is water-proof and is excellent for display either outdoors or inside; on sidewalks, near the curb, or if front of your store or display area. Our Economy A-Frame Sign (AKA Sandwich Board Sign) family of products all fold flat for easy storage, so they are very portable, set up quickly, are brightly printed to attract attention, and can be used for short-term or long term signage. This A-Frame sign is 24" wide and 36" tall. This size is an industry standard and is roughly the same size as the heavy, cumbersome, plastic a-frame signs. The same image is printed on the front and back unless the design has an arrow. Designs with arrows are printed so that both sides point the same direction. All of our Economy A-Frame signs are printed on light-weight corrugated plastic (coroplast) making them a perfect choice for affordable indoor or outdoor signage. These signs are easy to set up, to take down and to store. They fold flat for easy transportation and storage. Once set up their bright colors and professional graphics really gets your message noticed.These signs are very light weight so for outdoor use will need to be weighed down with something heavy - like a rock, brick, block or our sandbag (sold separately).
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