Canvas Board Wrap

Canvas Board Wrap


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Our Custom Canvas Gallery Wraps are unique in the marketplace. Rather than wrap canvas around soft wooden sticks that can warp over time and cause the canvas print to lose its stretch, we wrap our canvas around 1 inch thick Gatorboard which has polystyrene core and a rigid exterior made of  wood fiber veneer. The result is a beautiful, professional looking art piece suitable for home or business. 

Our photo printing is done on our Canon Arizona UV printer for a vibrant print that resists fading. 

We can make your custom canvas wrapped print in just about any size, from 5 inches by 5 inches to a full 48 inches by 96 inches. Our custom gallery wrapped canvas boards are great for just about any space. 

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Personalized Canvas Prints That Will Never Sag or Warp

Canvas Board Gallery Wraps are a new take on the concept of printing pictures on canvas. Unlike a simple canvas wrapped photo print, we wrap your beautiful print around a solid core of Gatorboard (Gatorfoam Board). Gatorboard has a dense inner core made of polystyrene foam which is covered on both sides with a veneer consisting of a wood fiber impregnated with plastic.  The result is a very light-weight, rigid board onto which we wrap your canvas photo print. 

The outcome is a beautiful, rigid piece of art that can be mounted to the wall or as a stand-up for your desk, mantle, dresser, or just about any flat surface. There are no wood frames to warp and your photo is more fully protected in the center by being supported by a solid board and not just air.

Our canvas board wraps are easy to install. With our digital cutter we create a mounting cutout that can easily fit over the top of most existing mounts.  If you are mounting the canvas board wrap as a new install you can use almost any small nail as the support for this light-weight media.  Our 20 inch by 30 inch canvas wrapped Gatorboard weighs a mere 1.8 pounds. the cut out for hanging our canvas gallery wraps is located just over an inch from the top, so there is no guesswork about how high to put the hanger, like there is with wire hung artwork.  So easy! 

If you want your canvas board wrap print to stand up instead of being hung, we include cut slots and support feet on smaller sized canvas board wraps, so you can set your beautiful canvas gallery wrap on almost any flat surface, like mantles, bookcases, dressers, nightstands, and countertops. 

Canvas board wraps come in just about any size so we can make one to fit just about any space on your wall!  

These canvas board gallery wraps are perfect for just about any situation, in addition to beautifying your home, office, or building.  They are great as gifts or decorations for Weddings and Wedding Receptions, Commencements and Graduations, Quinceañeras, Bar Mitzvahs, Confirmations, Family Reunions, Retirement parties, Wedding Anniversaries, Engagement parties, Bridal showers, Funerals and Memorial services, Awards Ceremonies, Births and Birthdays, Banquets and Roasts, Sporting Events, Political events and rallies, School functions, Church events, Welcome Home parties,  and many other events where people are being honored. 


  1. Beautifully Printed on either Canvas or Fabric using UV ink.
  2. Many Edge Options Available (check options tab for more information)
  3. Will Not Warp Or Sag
  4. Holes and slots are routed into the back for easy hanging and for use with the complimentary stand (smaller sizes only).
  5. Complimentary stand included for use on tables, desks, or mantles (smaller sizes only).
  6. High quality look and feel. Professionally gallery wrapped.

12321 Items


Step 1: Decide on the size photo print you want. There are also choices for print surface and edge color/style. The default is Canvas and Image Wrap edging (if you have enough border on your photo).

Step 2: Enter the number of photos you want to purchase, using the box above that looks like this.  quantity button you can use the arrows or type directly into the space that originally said 1.

Step 3: Click on Add to Cart.

Step 4:  If you have signed into your account you can use the Upload Files(s) to upload your picture(s) for us to print for you.  If you aren't signed in you will be given an opportunity to upload files during checkout. 

You can also send questions, comments, images, and design instruction to our designers at

Why are  Vista Flags Canvas Board Gallery Wraps better than the traditional Gallery Wraps?

Traditional canvas wraps are stretched over soft wooden boards - usually pine - and then stapled onto the back. They look great, but because of the tension of the wrap on the soft pine wood, the canvas tends to loosen up over time. The boards can actually warp and pull away from the wall. Larger canvas pieces require extra wood to prevent sagging from happening. Unfortunately, nothing helps with the warping except using harder woods, which add to the overall weight of the piece. 

Our Canvas wraps are different. We wrap our canvas around Gatorboard, which is like a sandwich. The outside veneered layers are made of a wood fiber impregnated with plastic. The center of the Gatorboard is a dense polystyrene foam. So the board itself is very strong and very light.

The result is a beautiful piece of art, professionally wrapped in art gallery style, that will not sag or warp.

The solid back allows us to make slots for easy hanging, and for smaller pieces, slots for attaching stands, so your gallery wrapped canvas board print can stand up on almost any flat surface. 

The stands are designed to "plug into" the slots and have a hook on either end to fasten them into place. The stands are for light-weight purposes only and will get damaged if excessive force is applied. 

If you are mounting the canvas board print on the wall, make sure the nail, or other hanging device, only protrudes about 1/2 inch out from the wall. 

Edge style and size are the options for this product. 

Size: We offer the most popular sizes, but if you need a different size, please let us know.  Generally speaking we can change the size for you. Just select the next size up from the size you want and we can process that for you. If you have questions the best way to contact us is by sending an email to 

While size is straight-forward, edge style can be a slightly overwhelming. We have kept the choices to a favored few, but if you have something you would like that isn't on the list, just let us know. 

Image Wraps
The most popular and best looking wrap is the Image Wrap where the photo itself is wrapped around the edges.  This looks best because of the continuity of the sides with the top.  Unfortunately, not every photo can be wrapped, it depends on the amount of image available beyond the central focus of the photograph.  Most professional photographers crop the photo in the lens as they take the picture, so there isn't any photo boarder to wrap.  If you are taking pictures to wrap, give plenty of room around the subject so the image can be wrapped. 

Mirroring is when we take a take a piece of the image and mirror it.  Because the colors match exactly where they join and generally continue the pattern on down.  This worked really well on the picture to the right (sorry it is so small). It is really hard to tell it was mirrored instead of just wrapped. This technique works well when you want to preserve the image on the top layer, don't have enough to wrap, and have your subject too close to the edges. Again, if you are taking photos to mount on Gatorboard or Ultraboard try to give yourself plenty of area around the subject.

Image Stretch

Image Stretching is where we take the color from the last 1/8 inch of the image and stretch it to cover the edge of the canvas. 

Black Edge

Black edges also look great to finish off your beautiful one inch thick Gatorboard canvas board wrap.