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Custom Fabric Wallpaper


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Our Custom Removable Fabric Wallpaper lets you decorate your walls to match your style! We can use your photos or stock images to make beautiful and unique wall murals for your home, office, or dorm room. This photo mural can be removed and reused multiple times without leaving a residue and without loss of adhesion, and it doesn't require wallpaper paste or glue for hanging. We offer two types of fabric: Canvas, for true wall art and PhotoTex for fabric texture. Both offer easy installation.

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Our Custom Removable Fabric Wallpaper lets you decorate your walls to match your unique style!  Our canvas wallpaper turns your photo or image literally into a work of art. AND you are not stuck with it! Easily remove your wall mural without any residue. So it is great for apartments, staging open houses, and advertising new product lines. 

You can turn your photos, art, creative ideas, stock images or innovative patterns into beautiful wall décor for your home, office, or dorm room. Use our free design services to help make your new wall mural everything you want it to be. 

Because it is repositionable, it is possible to install this product yourself. 

Size: We have listed some of the more common lengths for wallpaper. When deciding on your needs, pick the length of your wallpaper then decide how many of that length you need to cover your chosen area. Order that number of strips. For ease of installation, we can cut the paper into 26" widths (makes it easier to handle). 

Installation: The area where you are going to install your wallpaper needs to be clean and smooth (some minor texturing should be fine). To install you just peel the backing off the wallpaper and install it as you would any other wallpaper. See our installation section for a couple of youTube videos on installing self-adhesive wallpaper.

3000 Items

To start an order you’ll need to first purchase the wallpaper in the size you want. We do not do any design work without a paid order.

Step 1: Decide on your wallpaper size and which type of fabric you would like to have us print on. Use the dropdown to select a size and texture option.

Step 2: If you are ordering multiples of the same wallpaper design, enter the amount that you want to purchase, using the box at the right that looks like this.  quantity button you can use the arrows or type directly into the space that originally said 1.  Typically, this number will be one.

Step 3: Click on Add to Cart.

Step 4: Decide who will design the wallpaper. If you want to design your wallpaper you will need to make sure that the image has as high a resolution as you can.  We can successfully enlarge a 15 megapixel image to cover most wall sizes. If you have signed into your account you can use the Upload Files(s) option to upload your image for us to print for you.  If you aren't signed in you will be given an opportunity to upload files during checkout. Or when you are ready to send your design to us you can email it to or upload it by going to the Upload section, in your account. (To get to your account, log in, and then click on the three horizontal bars in the header of the web page, and click on the My Account dropdown). 

We can help with designing your wallpaper. If you have images you want to include, such as a drawing of what you want, a logo, graphic and/or photo you can upload them into the file uploader which is just above this tab. You have to log in (or create an account) so that the software can keep your information attached to your order. If you don't have them available, it is no problem. You can send them to us via email or you can log in later, go to your Account Information (to get there go to the three bars in the top right-hand part of the web page) and go to the Upload Files icon and add them in there. 

In the Comments section, when you check out, enter as much information as you can about how you want the wallpaper designed. Be as specific as possible. If you want more information about design, you can click on the FAQ tab of slider at the top of the page (just over the main picture) and see our videos on design, design considerations, production and other videos.

You can also send questions, comments, images, and design instruction to our designers at

No template is needed for this product.  Make your image 25% of the full-size of your wall area.  You can upload your image to us by logging back into your account and using the Upload feature located in your "My Account" area.

You can install this product yourself. Here is one family's experience.

This video shows a little more detail about installing self-adhesive (removable/repositionable) wallpaper. This is similar to our product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I have to do to the walls before installing self-adhesive wallpaper?

A: The smoother the better is a solid guideline for wall preparation. You can use a thin layer of drywall compound to smooth out the walls. There are good DIY examples on the web.  Here is one of them: Here is link to an example of how to smooth out the walls..  If you have smooth walls wash them down before installing the self-adhesive wallpaper. Here is a tutorial for wall cleaning.

Q: Will the wallpaper hide drywall imperfections?

A: Typically, wallcoverings do not bridge noticeable drywall imperfections. However, a little drywall joint compound and primer will go a long way. 

Q: How about installation, can I do it myself or do I need a professional?

A: In the installation section there are a couple of videos showing how to install wallpaper yourself. One actually installed it by herself (not recommended).  If you need to hire someone to help you there can be wide variations from area to area. Union versus non-union scale contractors, actual size, duration and configuration of the installation, drywall condition, access to job site, and other factors all contribute to the final cost equation. Local quality paint stores can provide baseline unit cost for estimating purposes.

Q: How difficult is the wallpaper to remove?

A: Mega-EASY just start at a corner and peel it back. If you keep the backing that comes with the wallpaper you can reuse it in a different location.  The best part is that it doesn't damage your wall or leave a sticky residue on your walls.

Q: How wide is the material?

A: The material is 54" wide with a plus or minus quarter of an inch variation.

Q: Will my printed image look the same on either textured media (Canvas or PhotoTex)?

A: No. The different textures will affect the appearance of the finished printed image. Canvas has the unique ability to bring out certain strong features. Phototex is smoother.

Q: How are digital wallcoverings installed?

A: Please click on the installation tab to see videos on installing wallpaper.

Q: Who installs digital wallcoverings?

A: You can do it yourself or hire an installer. Commercial painting contractors and residential wallpaper hangers are the most common source of qualified installers.

Q: How do I find a qualified wallcovering installer?

A: There is a substantial network of qualified installers available. There are numerous painting contractors that work in the commercial and residential market channels. Some of the quality residential contractors are associated with the better quality paint stores and design centers. The Painting and Decorating Contractors of America usually has local chapters in most metropolitan markets and can be found in the Yellow Pages. The Professional Guild of Paperhangers has a Website with local contact information and is a good source to locate experienced installers.

Q: What are the tools required for installing digital wallcoverings?

A: Wallcoverings are installed using simple hand tools that are readily available in all quality paint stores. These include: painter's tape, razor blades, & a straight edge. When trimming the panels during the installation process caution should be used to avoid scoring the sheet rock facing paper.

Q: What level of UV resistance can I expect?

A: Our Canon Arizona Flatbed printer is a UV printer and the inks are of the highest quality available for the best fade resistance and the brightest colors. 

Q: How easy are the wallpapers to clean?

A: You can wash the wallpaper with a damp cloth and light cleaning solution.  

Q: What are lead times?

A: Plan on 3-5 business days after you approve the design for production and then shipping to your location. Larger jobs can take longer.