Custom Window Decal (Size Options)
  • Custom Window Decal (Size Options)
  • Custom Window Decal (Size Options)

Custom Window Decal (Size Options)


Choose from either Hi-Tack or Lo-Tack depending on whether you need a removable or more permanent option. Alternatively, you can choose perforated if you'd like to able to see through the decal from the inside. The perforated decals also have a low tack adhesive for easy removal.

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Custom Vinyl Banner Sizes: 2' x 3' (24" x 36")
Decal Type: Hi-Tack (Permanent)

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100% secure payments
100% secure payments

Our custom window decals are adhesive decals that you can place on any window, glass door or other smooth surface. These semi-permanent decals can be printed in a variety of sizes and do not need professional assistance for installation. Opaque window decals will last indoors and outdoors for years with proper care, yet are easily removed when you’re ready for a new look. We print our decals on our Canon Colorado printers using a semi gloss UV resistant ink. This results in a very durable, vibrant decal.

This product includes FREE simple design services if you need them. For more information on product design click on the "Getting Started" tab below.

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Step 1: Determine what size decal you need and whether you are designing it yourself or if we are designing it for you. If you are designing the decal yourself or already have a design, use the light blue "CHOOSE FILE" button at the top of this page to attach your file. If we are designing the decal for you, you can use this same button to attach any logos or graphics you need on the sign. If we are designing the decal for you, use the "Design Instructions" box to describe what you'd like on the window decal. Please be as descriptive as possible. Make sure you click on the "SAVE CUSTOMIZATION" button to attach the design instructions to your order. If you forget, or don't have the images or instructions at this time, you can go through checkout and then email us at [email protected]. You can also send questions, comments, images, and design instruction to our designers at [email protected]. We will take your design, or design instructions and email you a proof for your approval to print. Please monitor the email address attached to your account for a proof or correspondence. We WILL NOT print the sign until we have your approval.

Step 2: Use the boxes to select the size of window decal you need.

Step 3: Use the boxes to select whether you'd like a high or low tack decal option. Both styles will have adhesive backing to stick to a smooth surface, but the low tack will be easier to remove and is a less permanent option. Alternatively, you can choose perforated if you'd like to able to see through the decal from the inside. The perforated decals also have a low tack adhesive for easy removal.

Step 4: Click on the ADD TO CART button. Note that you won't be able to click the ADD TO CART button until you enter your design instructions and click the SAVE CUSTOMIZATION button. Any quantity discounts will be applied when you check out.

We can help with designing your sign. We offer SIMPLE design help (a $75 value) which means we will work with you to come up with a design. Since this is a FREE service we don't offer more than one design change after the first design is presented (unless it is a minor, simple change). After that we have to charge a $15 design change fee. So please be as specific as you can when giving us your design instructions. 

We need high resolution images, so send the best image you have. If you have a choice send a vector file (the file will generally end in pdf, ai, or psd).

Designing it yourself: Simply design your decal using the graphics program or your choice. Make it the full size of your decal or at least the correct proportions. There is no need for a bleed or safe area as these are precision cut.

This Custom Product has an average turnaround production time of 2 days AFTER the approved design is submitted to the printer, plus transit shipping time. 

Screen Proofs depict Design Layout, Text Accuracy & Image Placement, but will only ESTIMATE Color Matching or Color Density. We DO NOT guarantee that the Custom Printed Sign will match the color displayed on your Computer Monitor or Printer exactly.  Every substrate (print media) has a different density than paper so printed material will look differently. We can match colors fairly well, however.

Vista Flags has no upload capability on our web site (after checkout), so we communicate via email. Since we need everything in writing, all correspondence concerning custom products is done via email. Once we receive your email indicating a design as APPROVED, Vista Flags is released from ALL liabilities for any errors including, but not limited to: Grammar, Spelling, Color Matching, Size, Image Placement, Resolution, and Color Density. Custom products are NOT returnable. However, we will make every attempt to satisfy our customers.

While we try to match the colors as accurately as possible, a variety of things will alter the colors, some of which are beyond our control (currently) including humidity.  Inks respond differently to temperature and can change from batch to batch.  If you are designing your own sign and it contains yellow, make it at pure as possible (100% Yellow - 0% everything else), slight percentages of other colors may turn the yellow green. Custom Sign are not returnable.

No template is needed for this product. Simply design your decal using the graphics program or your choice. Make it the full size of your decal or at least the correct proportions. There is no need for a bleed or safe area as these are precision cut.

The following instructions are to help you have a successful, timely install of your window decal. The installation is a simple process and requires no professional help. We recommend installing your decal in an environment that is dry with a temperature above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Begin by cleaning the desired window or surface with window cleaner or light soap with water, removing all dust and dirt particles. If dust and dirt is not fully removed from the surface this may cause small air bubbles in your decal and prevent it from adhering properly. After cleaning the surface, either allow time for the surface to air dry or remove excess water with a rubber squeegee.

Lay out your window decal on the window with the backing still on and make sure it is aligned properly.

While holding up the decal where you want it to go, use a dry erase or washable marker to mark where your decal will be applied. Double check your alignment to make sure the window decal is where you want it to be.

Gently remove the backing by peeling the decal away from a corner. If you’re having difficulty, a piece of scotch tape placed on the backing can help create a tab for you to grip and peel away the decal. Avoid doing this step in windy conditions so that the adhesive side of the decal does not fold and stick to itself.

Carefully place the decal onto the window or desired surface. Use your alignment marks made in step 3. We recommend holding the decal upright with two hands near the top and placing only the top edge to the surface first, then use your hands to guide the decal on a little at a time. At this point only apply the decal lightly. If you need to reposition or adjust the decal you should be able to slowly and carefully peel the decal away from the surface and reposition it before the adhesive fully sets in.

Once the decal is in place, use a squeegee to remove air bubbles and small pockets. When using the squeegee, start in the center of the decal and move in a straight line to the right and left side of the decal—then move up and down working out any pockets or bubbles. Continue this process until you have run the squeegee over the entire decal. You’ll want to use some steady pressure with the squeegee to work out the pockets. You may place the back liner on top of your decal during this process to avoid damage to the decal. Once your decal has been fully squeegeed, you will not be able to reposition your decal.